Pandemic Blues….Again

As a contributor to the recently published anthology A 21st Century Plague: Poetry from a Pandemic, edited by Elayne Clift and published by University Professors Press (UPP), I’ve participated in several virtual readings recently .  As I write this blog post today on August 9, I am struck by the drastic change in mood, forContinue reading “Pandemic Blues….Again”

Please Join me in celebrating the book launch of this compelling anthology.

PLEASE JOIN ME IN CELEBRATING THE BOOK LAUNCH OF THIS COMPELLING ANTHOLOGY. AS ONE OF THE POETS INCLUDED IN ITS CONTENTS, I’LL BE READING MY POEM “AFTER ‘STORY’ BY RICHARD BLANCO”. University Professors Press is proud to announce the release of A 21st Century Plague: Poetry from a Pandemic edited by Elayne Clift. This bookContinue reading “Please Join me in celebrating the book launch of this compelling anthology.”

Reminiscence vs. Memory: Writing Our Life as Story

For any writer contemplating writing his or her life story, I highly recommend “Your Life as Story: Writing the New Autobiography”, by Tristine Rainer. Whether it’s labeled as memoir, new autobiography, or any other descriptive expression, each of us has a life story only we are able to tell. One of the interesting distinctions discoveredContinue reading “Reminiscence vs. Memory: Writing Our Life as Story”

‘Awakening’ book review and upcoming reading

I’m pleased to announce both the recent book review of my chapbook “Awakening” in the Daily Hampshire Gazette Book Bag section**, as well as my  featured virtual reading on March 7th, sponsored by Writers Read in the Hilltowns.   ** Please note,  I have edited the Book Bag article to highlight review of my chapbook only. If you would likeContinue reading “‘Awakening’ book review and upcoming reading”

Sister Juana and I Raise $10k in 10 Days

         Sister Juana giggles as she tells me once again: Estefania, tú eres la puente (“you are the bridge”). By now I know what she means; the first time she said it many years ago, I was confused. She views me as a bridge between her community and mine. Sister Juana is from El Salvador,Continue reading “Sister Juana and I Raise $10k in 10 Days”

Sister Juana Walks Into My Life and Changes It Forever

When I met Sister Juana Ponce Gámez in 1994, I probably couldn’t have pointed to the tiny country of her birth on a map. I had scant knowledge of the USA’s CIA-backed intrusion into the political affairs of neighboring Central American countries, and only slight awareness of El Salvador’s Civil War in the 1980’s. HadContinue reading “Sister Juana Walks Into My Life and Changes It Forever”